Web Folder: How to connect from Windows XP/Vista?

This article show you how to connect to web folder from a Windows XP computer. We assume you already installed the web folder (WebDAV) server according to Part 1 of this article series.

Before you begin, please ask your I.T. administrator for 3 pieces of information:
# Web Folder URL. (example: disk.example.com/webdav/s...)
# username
# password

Since there is a bug in Windows XP/Vista support for WebDAV server, we have to install a free-of-charge application "CarotDAV" to access our web folders on Windows XP/Vista computers
This method is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

=== Download and install CarotDAV ===
# Open rei.to/carotdav_en.html in your browser and download the latest installer version. If the above link doesn't work, you can download it directly from here: cdn.sxl.net/sharex/2013/C...

# Extract the downloaded ZIP file.

# Run the CarotDAV1.x.x.msi file.

# If you receive a security warning, click Run.

# Click Next .. Next .. Next .. Close to finish the installation.

== Run CarotDAV ==

# Click Start > All Programs > CarotDAV to open the program

# Click File > New Connection > WebDAV

# Input a Setting Name (such as Sales Web Folder)
In URI, input the web folder address. In our example, it is ##http://disk.example.com/webdav/sales##.
Input username and password, click OK

# The Sales Web Folder appears. Open it by double click

# You cannot edit or create files directly in CarotDAV. To edit a file, you need to drag it to your computer, edit it, and then drag it back to the web folder.

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