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How to buy?

How to buy?
We provide free delivery to most local commercial areas for order over HK$1000.

Pay Online

We now accept online payment for domain and hosting services fee. The payment is processed securely by the world’s largest online payment processor PayPal.

我們現能接受以網上付款方式支付域名和託管服務等費用。 這項服務是安全地由全球最大的網上支付系統PayPal來處理。

  • Please contact us first if you are paying more than HK$2000. Thank you!
  • 如支付HK$2000或以上,請先聯絡我們,謝謝!

Online PaymentInvoice Number(s)Amount in Hong Kong dollar.


HK Linux Host ∞

  • WebMail
  • Control Panel
  • WebFTP
  • phpMyAdmin

Apps ∞

  • TeamViewer
  • Pay Online
  • Private Cloud (old)
  • Private Cloud (new)
  • Unifi
  • Advanced WebStat

App11 Host ∞

  • Control Panel
  • WebFTP

Contact Us

Our address, map and ways to reach us.

About Us

Systems Xpress Limited (SXL) was established in 1994. We specialized in providing networking, hosting and Internet solutions to local small and medium business in Hong Kong. ….

Anti-Spam Policy

In the past several years, the Internet has exploded with commercial activity. The breaking down of barriers between businesses and consumers has been facilitated by the rapid development of new technology, removal of “middlemen”, and tax rates favorable to online entrepreneurship.

We at SXL are proud to support responsible commerce on the Internet – this …

Acceptable Use Policy

Prohibited Content and Activities ∞

Illegal Activity

  • Customer may only use SXL’s Server for lawful purpose. Transmission or storage of any material in violation of Hong Kong law and/or the law of the country where the server is located is strictly prohibited. To this effect, child pornography is strictly prohibited as well as …

Privacy Policy

At Systems Xpress Limited (hereinafter called SXL), your right to privacy and data security is a primary concern. That’s why, when you visit sxl.net, we help you maintain control over your personal data on the Internet. Below are the guidelines we use for protecting the information you provide us during a visit to our web site. …..

Terms of Sales

Making Purchases
If you wish to license or make purchases of products or services described on this site, you will be asked to supply certain information, including but not limited to credit card or other payment information.


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