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Teamviewer Support

Download ∞

  • Windows
  • Mac


How to use ∞

  • Click Windows or Mac above.
  • Save the file on your Desktop.
  • Double-click to run it.
  • Tell us your TeamViewer ID and password.

Office: +852 26451630
Derek: +852 91628523


Special …

Service Hotlines

To get quick and helpful service, please do a little work before calling for help:
Try re-start the computer or device first.
Record any error messages (print-screen or take photo).

SXL Warranty Policy

In short:

  • One year on-site warranty on SXL computer system.
  • Peripherals are serviced by it’s own supplier.
  • No warranty on software, consumables, cables and accessories.
  • Warranty service is not to “teach” you how to use something. It is a service to replace or repair a defective thing.

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