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Linux Email & Website Hosting

SXL Linux Hosting is business class hosting service for your Emails, Web sites, Files, Databases and Domains. Our servers are running on enterprise grade hardware in carrier grade data center – extremely fast and reliable. With over 18 years of experience in hosting business, we are able to offer true business-class hosting service at very …


VPS, Cloud Server, Virtual Private Server ∞ 虛擬私人數據中心 雲主機 雲端伺服器 雲端伺服器 ∞ Our solution is not just a VPS (Virtual Private Server), it’s also your VDC (Virtual Data Center). SXL VDC and VPS are built for small businesses who want their own server and data center but don’t want to manage the infrastructure.

Business Broadband

SXL 100Mb Fiber Internet – best for small and startup businesses.

Domain & SSL

域名注冊 ∞ We offer domain registration service for most global and country-specific domain names, such as .COM and .COM.HK at low cost for our hosting customers. Check Domain Availability ∞ Please use our Domain Check page to check domain availability and registration status. Registration/Renewal fee ∞ No refund or change of domain name after the …