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How to buy?

  • For orders over HK$1000, we provide free delivery to most local commercial areas.

    • otherwise a small courier fee may apply (~HK$30 for goods below 5Kg)
  • Installation service is available for HK$350 up. Please call.
  • Please call us to confirm price and delivery date. (Usually within 1-2 business days).
  • Our customers are mostly local businesses, we do business in traditional way: Quotation > Confirm > Deliver > Installation > Collect payment > Provide after sales services. (We currently do not accept online payment, because of the high bank charge).
  • Phone: +852 2644-0219
  • Email:

    • (Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)


  • 買滿 HK$1000, 可享免費送貨到大部份本地工商業區(市區)

    • 否則可能要加一些速遞費,本地工商業區 1Kg 以下約為 HK$30。
  • 安裝服務費為 HK$350 起,請來電查詢。
  • 請來電確認價格和送貨日期(通常1-2工作天內送貨)
  • 我們主要服務對象為工商業客戶,用傳統商業模式買賣:報價→確認→送貨→安裝→客戶滿意後收錢/票→提供售後服務。(因銀行收費太高,我們暫不接受網上付款)
  • 電話: +852 2644-0219
  • 電郵:

    • (星期六日及公眾假期休息)

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