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Domain & SSL

We offer domain registration service for most global and country-specific domain names, such as .COM and .COM.HK at low cost for our hosting customers.

Check Domain Availability

  • Please use our Domain Check page to check domain availability and registration status.

Registration/Renewal fee

  • No refund or change of domain name after the domain has been successfully registered or transferred.
  • Private registration are available for Global domains (free) and some countries (paid).

Global domains

DomainYearly feeRemark
.COMHKD 273Unrestricted
.NETHKD 273Unrestricted
.ORGHKD 273Unrestricted
.INFOHKD 273Unrestricted
.MOBIHKD 273Unrestricted
.BIZHKD 273Unrestricted

Hong Kong domains

DomainYearly feeRemark
.HKHKD 250Local address (送:中文名.香港)
.COM.HKHKD 200Require valid HK Business Registration Certificate (送:中文名.公司.香港)
.NET.HKHKD 200Require HK PNETS Licenses
.ORG.HKHKD 200Require proof of non-profit identity issued by HK Police
  Note: Change of Registrant Name cost HKD 890 + renewal fee

Asia domains

DomainYearly feeRemark
.ASIAHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.CNHKD 270Require valid HK Business Registration Certificate
.COM.CNHKD 270Require valid HK Business Registration Certificate
.TWHKD 330Unrestricted
.COM.TWHKD 330Unrestricted
.SGHKD 420Local presence: HKD380/yr
.COM.SGHKD 420Local presence: HKD380/yr
.JPHKD 390Local presence: HKD100/yr
.KRHKD 390Local presence: HKD100/yr
.INHKD 170Unrestricted
.PHHKD 480Unrestricted
.MYHKD 570Require local presence

Other Countries

DomainYearly feeRemark
.USHKD 273Unrestricted
.EUHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.UKHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.AUHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.NZHKD 330Unrestricted (New Zealand)
.DEHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.FRHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.ITHKD 273Local presence: HKD100/yr
.CCHKD 390Unrestricted (Coco Island)
.SEHKD 273Unrestricted (Sweden)
.ATHKD 273Unrestricted (Austria)
.RUHKD 273Unrestricted (Russia)
.ESHKD 273Unrestricted (Spain)
.PTHKD 273Unrestricted (Portugal)
  • It is very difficult to keep track and update of all these prices and regulations of different countries. If you are registering for non-common domains, please contact us for updated information.

Domain Control Panel

Our easy-to-use control panel:


  • "Local Presence" means you are required to submit Business Registration Certificate or Citizen ID of the country. If you do not have local presence, we can help you to hire a local agent by paying a "local proxy" fee (Usually USD 50-100 per year).
  • "Local Address" means the registrant and admin contact must have a local address in the country. However, the registrar will not verify your business name or address.
  • All fees must be paid in advance. Fees are not refundable after the registration or renewal is processed.
  • All customers must agree to ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy before using our service.
  • To register country specific domain names, customer must agree to all regulations and requirements of the country before using our service. Please visit their web site for details.

Multi-years Renewal Fee

Customers who renew the following domain types for multiple years can enjoy a discount.

Type1+ years3+ years5+ yearsRemark
.COM; .NET; .ORGHKD 273HKD 234HKD 156max renew 10 years
.US; .EU; .ASIAHKD 273HKD 234HKD 234max renew 5 years
.HKHKD 250HKD 230HKD 200max renew 5 years
.COM.HK; .ORG.HKHKD 200HK190HKD 170max renew 5 years
.CN; .COM.CNHKD 270HKD 250HKD 240max renew 5 years

SSL/TLS Certificate

  • We provide free installation service on our managed servers. Other servers are charged at our regular service rate (currently HKD600 per hour).
  • No refund or change after the certificate is issued. Customer is responsible to provide accurate information before purchase.
  • Certificates are signed by Comodo PositiveSSL.
  • The global SSL industry has changed after March 1, 2018. Maximum permissible term on any certificates will be 2 years. (No more 3 years or 5 years certificates).

Type1 year2 years
Domain Validated SSL CertificateHKD 400HKD 600
Domain Validated Wildcard SSL CertificateHKD 1200HKD 1600

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