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We now accept online payment for domain and hosting services fee. The payment is processed securely by the world’s largest online payment processor PayPal. (Please contact us first if you are paying more than HK$2000. Thank you!)

我們現能接受以網上付款方式支付域名和託管服務等費用。 這項服務是安全地由全球最大的網上支付系統PayPal來處理。(如支付HK$2000或以上,請先聯絡我們,謝謝!)

Online Payment

Please input:

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If you haven’t use PayPal before, please read below.

How to use?    如何使用?

Input the invoice number(s) and payment amount (in HK dollar), then click “Pay”. You will be redirected to the PayPal web site.

  • Example: If you are paying invoice number 12345 and 23456, total amount is HK$600, then input as below.

輸入發票號碼及付款金額(港幣),然後按 “Pay”。你就會被帶到PayPal頁面。

  • 例:如你想支付發票號碼12345和23456,總付款金額為港幣600,請如下輸入。


Choose “Pay with my credit card” if you don’t have a PayPal account.
如沒有PayPal帳號,請按 “Pay with my credit card”.

Please input your information and click “Review and Continue”.
請輸入你的資料然後按 “Review and Continue”.

Review your information and click Pay Now.
檢查你的資料然後按 Pay Now.

After payment completed, please write down the order number for your own reference.
付錢完成後,請寫下 order number 作為你的參考。

Done. You can close your browser now.

The transaction will appears as “PAYPAL *SXL” on your credit card statement
這項交易會以 “PAYPAL *SXL” 名稱顯示在你的信用卡月結單上。

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