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Cabling & Network Solution

SXL is specialized in Local Area Network (LAN) installation solution since 1994. We have extensive knowledge and experience on LAN. We offer the complete range of networking services for LAN - from Design to Implementation to Maintenance and support.

網絡工程 拉線 佈線 服務

  • 本公司提供電腦,電話,CCTV等網絡佈線服務。 工程均由專業工程師負責,確保網絡長遠在運作上更快更穩定。
  • 我們只使用合規格及高質素材料,採用國際『結構化佈線』標準,使辦公室及電腦房井井有條,為客戶提供一個既可靠又穩定的網絡。
  • 我們提供免費上門諮詢,睇位及報價服務,請立即聯絡我們。

Network Design

We help management to choose the right network technology, plan for changes and expansion, plan for backup and recovery and plan for long term maintenance.

Structured Cabling

We follow -Structured Cabling- standard to reduce the cost of maintenance. All connections are properly connected and labelled. We also pull cables for phone systems, VoIP, CCTV, and fiber optics.

Equipment Installation

We supply and install networking switches, routers and wifi from NetGear, Cisco, LevelOne, and many others.

Server and Workstation Installation

Install and configure new and existing server and workstations on the network. We offer server and PCs from IBM, Lenovo and HP, as well as provide custom-built server for special purpose.

Maintenance Services

We will provide maintenance service after the project is implemented. Routine maintenance include system updates, performance monitoring, reports on critical events, and other regular user level support.

Some of our project photos

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