Web Folder: How to connect from Mac OS X?

This article show you how to connect to web folder from a Apple Mac computer. We assume you already installed the web folder (WebDAV) server according to Part 1 of this article series.

Before you begin, please ask your I.T. administrator for 3 pieces of information:
# Web Folder URL. (example: disk.example.com/webdav/s...)
# username
# password

This method works for Mac OS X 10.6 or above (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion).

# Open Finder

# Click Go > Connect to Server..

# Input the web folder address.
Click [+] to add it to your favorite list.
Then, click [Connect].

# Input your username and password.
Check Remember this password in keychain.
Click [Connect].

# The web folders appears under the SHARED section in Finder. You can directly create or edit files on the web folder just like a normal drive.
However, if you are using a slow internet connection or is editing a big file, we suggest you to download the file to your computer, edit it, and then upload it back to the web folder. You can use Drap-and-drop to upload/download the file.

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