How to use SXL Virtual Data Center?

This article shows you how to manage your Virtual Data Center and Virtual Private Servers on our cloud.

== Getting Started ==
First, you will need a browser with Java installed. The best supported browser is Firefox.

# Open in your browser.
# Open Virtual Data Center.

# Input your username and password.
# In Realm: Select __Proxmox VE authentication server__
# Language: English (中文版還未完全翻譯好,建議使用英文版)

# Click Login
# The Proxmox Virtual Environment appears. This is where you can manage your virtual machines.

# In "Server View", you will see hardware nodes (vh101, vh102, ...) and the virtual machines running on it.

# In order to balance server loadings, we may move your virtual machine from one hardware node to another.
# Switch to Folder View

# Under Virtual Machine, you will found all your virtual machines.

# On the Summary tab, you can view your virtual machine's status and summary.

# On the Hardware tab, you can view your hardware configuration.

# Double click the CD/DVD ROM Drive, you can change or eject discs.

# On the Backup tab, you can backup/restore your virtual machine.

# On the top right hand corner, you can start/shutdown/stop/restart your VM.

# Click the Console to access the console screen (Needs Java)

# If you need to press special keys, such as Ctrl-Alt-Delete, you must do it on the toolbar.
# If the console is not responding, please press Refresh or Reload.

# If you want to boot from CDROM, restart the machine and press [F12].
# Then press the number that represents your DVD drive.

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