How to setup secondary DNS servers?

Some customers may have their primary DNS server installed in their office (or another hosting co.) and want to use SXL's DNS servers as their secondary DNS servers. This article shows you how to do this. We assume your primary DNS server is already in place.

== Add the domain to SXL servers ==
# Login to Linux Control Panel
# Open DNS page > Secondary DNS Page
# Click Add new Secondary DNS-Zone

# Input your domain name
# Input your primary DNS server IP address
# Since this is already the secondary DNS server, we normally don't need to input anything in the "Allow zone transfer to.." field.

== Modify your primary DNS server ==
(The following screen shots are from a Microsoft Windows 2003 DNS Server)
# You need to add NS records FOR SXL's DNS server. Our servers are: ( (

# You need to allow zone transfer to SXL's DNS servers.

# You also need to configure "notify" to our servers.

# After you have configured everything correctly, you should use ##nslookup## or other DNS tools to verify the DNS zone and records have been successfully transferred to our server.

== Modify your registrar record ==
Now, you can go to your domain registrar and add our DNS servers as your authoritative DNS servers.

= SXL technical support services =
Doing all the above quickly and correctly is not a simple task. If your primary server is running Microsoft DNS server or BIND DNS server. SXL is able to offer DNS installation services to you at our [[|regular service fee]]. Please contact us for details.

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