Email: How to change user’s email password and other settings


This article is talking about how an administrator can change a user's email password and other settings. If you are an end user, you can change your own password in the Web Mail.

  • Login to our Linux Control Panel (See: [[How to use Linux Control Panel]])

  • Open the Email Mailbox page in Linux Control Panel

  • Click the mailbox you want to modify.

  • Change the settings here and then click Save


Send copy to

  • This is used to copy incoming emails to Blackberry, Symbian or other classic mobile phones. Just input your mobile phone's email address, such as or
  • If a user is having vocation, it can also be used to temporary copy emails to his/her assistant.
  • Do not forward emails to Yahoo, Hotmail or other free email service providers. This is because, if they received enough junk mails from you, they will block you.

Spam Filter

  • Most users should use the "Normal level". "Normal" is quite safe and can filter over 95% of junk mails.
  • If users complain they did not receive some legitimate emails, you may change the filter level to Week or None.
  • Please note, if you change it to None, you may also receive Virus.

Enable Receiving

  • If you want to temporary disable a mailbox from receiving emails (due to mail bomb or whatever reason). You can un-check this box.
  • It does not prevent users to login or send/receive emails using their email client. It only stop the mail server from receiving new emails from other mail servers.

Disable POP3/IMAP

  • If you want to disable POP3 or IMAP connection for a users, you can do it here.
  • Please note, if you disabled the IMAP protocol, Web Mail will not function.

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