Admin: How to add and modify domain names?

Sometimes, you may have registered your own domain through third party registrars. This article shows you how to add the domain to our Linux hosting system.

== SXL Domain Registration ==
SXL does offer registration and renewal services for global and almost all country-specific domain names. If you registered your domain names through us, you don't have to worry about setting up and maintain the DNS, we will do it for you.

If you decided that you want to do it by yourself. Please read below :-)

== Before you begin ==
Below are some terms you should know, we are going to use these terms through-out this article.

Domain Name System (DNS)
* is the system that internet computers use to translate human-readable names (e.g. to computer-readable IP addresses (e.g.

DNS Server
* is the server software that will actually do the translation.

Host name, Domain name and FQDN
* In "", "mail" is the host name, "" is the domain name and "" is called FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

* is a file that store the host name to IP address pairs about a domain.

== Register your domain ==
If you use third party registrar, please specify the following DNS servers:
* (
* (

== Add domain names ==
Next step is to add your newly registered domain names to our DNS server.
# Login to Linux Control Panel
# Go to DNS and click "Add new DNS Zone with Wizard"

# Input your domain name and click Create DNS-Record

# The wizard will create the domain and add some default records.

# Wait 1 minute for the server to prepare your new domain, then click your newly created domain name. You will see the zone file of your domain.
# For meanings of different fields, please read:

# Click the Records tab, you will see the resource records in your zone.
# For meanings of different records, please read:

== Tips ==
* If you modify a resources record, be sure to add a period "." to the end of your FQDN, otherwise it will be treated as a sub domain.
* Please print-screen before you modify anything, so that you can easily go back when there is a problem.

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