Check latency of business broadband in HK

When choosing business broadband, many customers only know about the bandwidth, but actually, there is another important factor - the Latency.

Latency is the time delay to transmit a small piece of data between 2 systems. In many real life interactive applications (such as ERP or Video Conference), the delay directly affect the application's responsiveness and the user's experience.

Recently, a customer wants to host an application server in their office. The system is required to serve users from HK, China, Europe, and Australia. In order to provide some scientific data to the management, we carried out a ping-test from various city in the world to various business broadband providers in HK.

We shared these data, hope others may found them useful:
* The data was compiled from the results of [[|CA Cloud Monitor]] (you can do your own test).
* The test was carried out on a Friday afternoon around 5pm (busy hour).
* Latency time are measured in milliseconds (ms). Lower is better.
* The ping target are our real customer's router.

|=Country/City|=Wharf (Fiber)|=HGC (Ethernet)|=PCCW (DSL)|=HKBN (Fiber)|
|Argentina / Buenos Aires|450.4|366.8|318.1|376.4|
|Australia / Brisbane|243.7|232.1|233.6|233.5|
|Australia / Melbourne|147.6|146.7|148|151.5|
|Australia / Perth|88.1|134.7|136|369.2|
|Australia / Sydney|134|173.5|223.8|148.3|
|Austria / Vienna|329.3|350|339.2|316.6|
|Brazil / Porto Alegre|462.4|357.2|382.2|381.7|
|Brazil / Rio de Janeiro|346.2|356.5|343.4|341|
|Brazil / Sao Paulo|347.5|343.1|361.4|349.4|
|Bulgaria / Sofia|301.6|364.3|323.5|333.5|
|Canada / Montreal|276.5|237.8|240.9|235.8|
|Canada / Toronto|229.3|234.1|234.8|221.2|
|Canada / Vancouver|185.1|159.8|165.8|181.4|
|China / Hangzhou|49.5|35.6|212|33.8|
|China / Hong Kong|2.2|1.9|9.4|5.4|
|China / Shanghai|35.2|30.1|133.5|130.9|
|Czech Republic / Prague|281.9|331|332.8|324.9|
|Denmark / Copenhagen|322.4|290|346.6|340.5|
|Egypt / Cairo|373.9|381.8|330.7|335.3|
|Finland / Tampere|342.3|293.8|283.5|252.7|
|France / Lille|239.2|211.4|311.2|262.4|
|France / Paris|282.3|325.6|333.2|286.7|
|Germany / Berlin|262.2|332.4|275.9|286.8|
|Germany / Cologne|219.8|331.4|311.6|338.9|
|Germany / Frankfurt|271.4|318.7|310.4|265.9|
|Germany / Munchen|289.6|324.8|325.2|333.3|
|Greece / Athens|286.3|325.2|299.5|317.8|
|Hungary / Budapest|248.5|274.9|326.1|243.7|
|India / Bangalore|115.5|98.1|89.9|257.5|
|India / Mumbai|290.1|344.9|354|341.6|
|Indonesia / Jakarta|64.4|70.6|65.3|74.4|
|Ireland / Dublin|320.2|259.7|308.1|284.4|
|Israel / Kiryat-Matalon|316.3|302.8|357.1|312.8|
|Italy / Padova|290|348.2|353.8|341.4|
|Japan / Tokyo|54.8|54.5|55.5|64.5|
|Lithuania / Vilnius|243.3|313.1|302.3|308.8|
|Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur|39.9|37.1|42.2|190.1|
|Netherlands / Amsterdam|227.8|314.2|276.5|313.8|
|Netherlands / Groningen|227.6|267.5|312.7|233.9|
|New Zealand / Auckland|156.9|212.7|217.8|222|
|Norway / Oslo|277.4|295.1|349.7|367.1|
|Panama / Panama City|429.9|276.3|241.3|222.9|
|Poland / Gdansk|340|286|293.3|254.1|
|Poland / Warsaw|307.5|358.9|340.9|453.2|
|Portugal / Lisbon|373.3|359.6|360.2|340.4|
|Romania / Bucharest|306.3|359.5|364.3|304.6|
|Russia / St. Petersburg|342.4|340.9|367|339.4|
|Saudi Arabia / Riyadh|240.8|167.4|327.9|254.6|
|Serbia / Belgrade|391.6|341.6|329.1|248.7|
|Singapore / Singapore|34.4|37.4|42.7|68.7|
|South Africa / Cape Town|460|399.7|468.5|417.1|
|South Africa / Durban|511.8|452|520.7|476.7|
|South Africa / Johannesburg|485.9|332.4|345.8|330.5|
|Spain / Madrid|358.9|360.1|352.2|321.8|
|Sweden / Stockholm|230|302.2|344.8|345.4|
|Switzerland / Geneva|309.4|335.3|335.9|241|
|Switzerland / Zurich|223.5|345.6|342.3|209.4|
|Thailand / Bangkok|70.5|69.2|75.1|223.9|
|Turkey / Istanbul|329.1|379.4|370.5|344.8|
|U.S.A. / Ashburn|238.1|231.5|241.6|236.2|
|U.S.A. / Atlanta|225.9|231.3|223.9|208.2|
|U.S.A. / Austin|201.5|205.7|215.3|200.9|
|U.S.A. / Boston|231.6|233.3|253.1|273.2|
|U.S.A. / Boulder|199.3|196.1|203.7|190.3|
|U.S.A. / Charlotte|217.4|233.4|237.2|221.1|
|U.S.A. / Chicago|212.7|212.2|221|231.4|
|U.S.A. / Chicago|212.9|201.9|210.5|225.4|
|U.S.A. / Florida|250.1|247.8|232.6|222.2|
|U.S.A. / Los Angeles|161.6|163.6|163.9|168.9|
|U.S.A. / Miami|224.9|232.1|236.8|221.4|
|U.S.A. / New York|272.2|230.8|242.1|250.5|
|U.S.A. / Philadelphia|271.5|234.4|246.8|248|
|U.S.A. / Phoenix|172.8|178.5|182.7|164.2|
|U.S.A. / Salt Lake City|185.2|178.1|176.9|179.6|
|U.S.A. / San Francisco|163.3|161.8|163.9|161.9|
|U.S.A. / Santa Clara|191.5|199.6|206.7|197|
|U.S.A. / Seattle|163|147.8|194.2|178.9|
|U.S.A. / St. Louis|207.3|205.5|218.9|210.1|
|Ukraine / Kharkov|224.7|264.5|266.8|224.1|
|United Kingdom / Glasgow|235|258.3|265.2|241.6|
|United Kingdom / London|287.1|214.4|265.2|265.3|
|United Kingdom / Manchester|312.5|317.9|288.6|324|
|Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City|39|41.7|39.4|39.2|

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