How to change email password?

It is important to use a strong password on internet. There are many free software that can automatically scan email accounts with weak password and use it to send junk mails.

From now on, we will periodically scan our user's mailbox for weak password. We will ask them to change password if found, or disable their mailbox if they don't.
In order to stop us from being black-listed as junk mail server, we have to do this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

== How to choose a good password ==
A good password must be:
# Easy to remember.
# Contain at least 8 characters, with Upper case, lower case letters and digits.
# Must not be the same as your user name or domain name, or it's simple variation, such as john, john888, iamjohn, etc.
# Must not be a dictionary word, such as apple123, redapple, etc.
# Must not be a sequence on your keyboard, such as qwerty, asdfasdf, etc.
There is a good pronounceable password generator: Please capitalize 1 to 2 letters of the password it generated for better security.

== How to change email password ==

# Open, click Linux WebMail.

# Login with your email address and existing password.

# Click the gear icon on the top-right corner.

# Click Account > Password

# Input your current password and your new password twice.

# Click Save. The new password will be effective within 1 minutes.

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